суббота, 22 декабря 2012 г.

Backyard time


Today we decided to clear backyard and prune roses. I was just help since T. took the biggest task of taking out fallen leaves and cutting roses. He knows how to cut roses properly and make them boost with flowers at spring. When we finished our garbage can was full of branches and leaves. So were my hands full of thorns Smile

I have black Calla (Zantedeschia) from my neighbors which I decided to plant at the front yard. Hope it’ll heal well. It flowers like on this photo:


At this time of the year the garden isn’t fully asleep in California (probably it’s never fully asleep here)


Bright orange tangelos and oranges seems ripe but you better don’t try it  - taste too sour. People walking along our house always ask for some tangelo (or simply take it without asking Smile)

All bulbs made their way. Also I planted garlic at late October and now it sprouts.

Camellia is blooming now so I made photo of the first flower.  An interesting fact I found in the Internet that Sacramento, California is nicknamed the Camellia City. Whoa

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Потапыч готов

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