Russian evening


This evening we invited American friends who had never eaten russian food. So I’ve made piroshkies and pelmenies  (russian raviolis) for them. We have kind of collection of wooden hand-made bowls, spoons and others which I usually keep in the box. So this day I’ve decided to make russian style and used part of the dishes. And on the back you may see the samovar to heat and boil water. This one is electrical, but the old real one would be much bigger and have place inside for coal to burn and a chimney. Like on the photo below which I found here


And below is russian artist Vasiliy Nesterenko painting:


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Просто тёплый осенний пост

Сегодня один из тех дней когда хочется посидеть на улице. Во первых выходной)) во вторых тепло и солнце, уже не жарко но еще не прохладно. ...