суббота, 26 января 2013 г.

Saturday… Sun… Biking..



What could be better on sunny Saturday than biking. T. fixed flat tires and we  left for adventures. We decided to ride on the newly reconstructed path along the river. When this paved road ended up we even ride further along the old path. What a surprise! Fields of blackberry! Ok, we’ll be back here at summer Winking smile


On the way home we ride by some interesting house.. We sometimes walk there and those paintings on the front wall are never the same. Depending on season or holiday owner displays different paintings. Today it were flamingo and parrots.





I couldn’t pass this mail box with cats on both sides. I love it! 






And there is a short story about last picture. This squirrel was probably having breakfast when I spotted it. T. took several pictures. One day I saw this squirrel eating tangelo sitting on the tree branch. I should name it and call my pet Smile

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